Board and Key Management

Boustead & Co has brought together a diverse team with expertise and backgrounds in industry, investment banking, fund management, research, institutional investing, and government consulting and is led by motivated, experienced, and trusted professionals. Below are the key board members and management.

Jakob Kinde

Chairman of Boustead Asset Management – 30 years plus working in the City of London in corporate finance and private equity. US$60 billion in corporate finance transactions completed for small to large businesses internationally. B.Sc.(Econ) from UCL, C.Dip. A.F. and M.C.S.I.

Kuda Zafevere

Head of Business IT Architecture
Kuda brings over 12 years of comprehensive experience in the world of IT, specialising in enterprise-level architecture and business solutions. He has successfully led various blue-chip companies in the digital transformation journey, integrating cutting-edge technology seamlessly with age-old business practices.